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Connecting the Dots Between BITS and PDF: A Comparison of Technologies for Automated Typesetting

On June 13, 2023 I was invited to give a talk at JATS-Con about XML first and XML last workflows with InDesign that come with several limitations. Technologies for automated typesetting promise to be faster and better suited for maintaining XML quality. For this purpose, the advantages and disadvantages of XSL-FO, PrintCSS and LaTeX were discussed in this talk. The full paper was published in the JATS-Con Proceedings and my slides can be read below.

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Bridging the Gaps between XML and LaTeX

There are established software solutions to convert from XML to TeX. Nevertheless, these approaches either limit the configurability of the TeX output or introduce a lot of programming effort. In this paper, we will discuss these methods and present an alternative approach that hopes to offer the greatest possible flexibility based on fixed conversions, an extensible configuration and the injection of XSLT, and that forms the basis for our Open Source typesetting system xerif. This talk was held at the Queen Mary University of London for the Markup UK on June 2, 2023. The full paper has been published in the MarkupUK proceedings.

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Alternativtexte in der digitalen Produktion

Es ist immer wieder schön auf dem pub&print bekannte Gesichter zu treffen. Darüber hinaus durfte ich auch einen Vortrag über die Erstellung von Alternativtexten für barrierefreie Produkte halten. Wer mehr über juristische Grundlagen, inhaltliche Anforderungen und die Kodierung von Alternativtexten wissen möchte, kann sich hier meine Slides anschauen. Und die Frage bleibt natürlich ob jetzt Autor:innen oder doch die KI zum Schreiben verdonnert wird.

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